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a hand-crafted creation

Rooted in ancestral traditions and entirely hand-made, pregnancy bolas find their origins in Mexican and Indonesian cultures. Legend has it that they have the power to place the mother and her baby under the protection of guardian angels…

Cache Cœur modernizes this ancient tradition in our new collection of bolas. Each bola produces a sort and unique melody detected by babies at the beginning of the 20th week of pregnancy. This sweet sound is then recognized by baby after birth to bring comfort and bonding between mother and child.


Customize your maternity bola

The jewell of your pregnancy

From now, it's on you to choose the design. Our new accessories allow you to modernize and refine your bola to match any outfit, season or special occasion. You are free to tell your own story through a unique piece of jewelry that reflects your personality.


Exclusive bolas collection

It's important to Cache Cœur to made products quality that please to all mom-to-be. That's why we have developed different various bola collections so that every woman will find the jewel that will accompany her throughout her pregnancy and beyond.


Silver maternity bolas

All our pregnancy bolas carefully throught in our workshops next to Brest. Our creative team, curious and creative, imagine and innovate to regularly create new models of maternity bolas.

All of our pregnancy bolas are made of brass, they are then covered with rhodium to ensure modernity and strength of this pregnancy jewell.

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Gold maternity bola

Succumb for our gold maternity bolas. Unique and modern, they will sublimate all your pregnancy outfits. The golden maternity bolas are made from rhodium, they have been delicately gilded with fine gold.

The maternity bola is the ultimate jewel of the future mother. This is the perfect gift idea for pregnant women. At Cache Coeur, we work that for you bola sublimate your pregnancy look. Besides perfect your outfit, the maternity bola creates an unique link between the mother and her baby.

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Rose gold maternity bolas

Our pregnancy bolas covered with rose gold to sublimate pregnant women. Simultaneously trendy and modern, these rose golden jewels are the pregnancy accessory to have absolutely during pregnancy.

Feminine and irresistible, maternity bolas highlight your baby bump.

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Bola de grossesse or rose

How to maintain your bola ?

■ It is adivised not to wear the bola at the pool or at the beach and not to put it in contact with perfum in other cosmetic products.

■ To maintain your bola, rub it with a soft cloth or a special product silver.