Which sports can you do during your pregnancy?

It is completely possible for you to mix pregnancy and sport, even if you have to be careful when choosing it.  Indeed, practicing a sport have numerous effects on your body and mind! It helps keeping your spirit high, evacuating stress and allows you to relax and enjoy a moment of peace. Shall we try it?


Quel sport choisir pendant la grossesse ?


During your free time, choose to walk! A pretty simple exercise allowing you to stay fit without requesting too much from your ankles and knees. Why don’t you succumb to our Velvet line? The maternity and nursing jacket and pants in beige, khaki or pink are the perfect ally for numerous walks across the landscape!



ensemble Velvet

Soft gym:

Feeling of heavy legs, back pain or rigidity in the body… soft gym can help you fight these everyday life pains. You can train every day, without asking too much of your body and keep a good health while you wait for your baby’s arrival. For a sense of comfort during your soft gym training, wear the maternity and nursing top and legging from Illusion line, for a sense of second skin.

Ligne Illusion


Swimming is one of the best activity for pregnant women because it is soft and brings a sense of lightness while in the water! This sport is ideal is you wish to develop the muscles in your arms and legs and forget, for a moment, the weight of your baby. Fall for our maternity swimsuit Yana. With its racer back and integrated bra, it is the perfect swimsuit for pregnant women wishing to stay active during their pregnancy. Its little extra? Its Dry Fast technology allowing the swimsuit to dry fast, as soon as moms-to-be step out of the water.


Maillot de bain de Piscine Yana


Doing yoga during pregnancy has numerous advantages. It helps keep flexibility, a good muscular tonus and a better blood flow. Be careful when exercising and only work on simple and easy positions as well as on your breathing.  To make your silhouette sublime and accompany you to your yoga classes, our advice is to wear maternity and nursing bra Illusion and maternity pants Serenity. The set is perfect for pregnant women’s morphology and cocoons you in softness.



Brassière Illusion et Pantalon Serenity

During each activity, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated! Listen carefully to the advices your physician gives you, to practice sport in peacefulness.

 Just put on your best Cache Coeur’s items and… here we go!


Natation enceinte