If you are you looking for a maternity swimsuit that will highlight your pretty curves, Cache Coeur gives you a few tips to choose your maternity swimsuit according to your morphology.
Whether you have a sporty, round or sensual silhouette, you’re sure to find your happiness among this selection of maternity swimwear as trendy as comfortable!

A silhouette

Your are more voluptuous at the bottom of your body than the top and you have narrow shoulders and thighs with more generous buttocks. The A silhouette is the most common silhouette during pregnancy, but also the most sensual and feminine.

Cache Coeur tips: Rebalance your figure and valuate it by drawing attention to your upper body.

Which maternity swimsuit to choose?

Play on the neckline with a push-up and underwired maternity swimsuit like Monaco, or any other maternity swimsuit that will give relief to your bust.

Maternity swimsuit Monaco
Fall for maternity swimsuit Yana and its square neckline!

Maternity swimsuit Yana
Be seduced a maternity swimsuit with a bandeau shape that will put the focus on the top of your body with Newport.

Maternity swimsuit Newport
Play the two-color side and emphasize your upper body with maternity swimsuit California!


Maillot de bain de grossesse California



H silhouette

Your shoulders and hips are the same level and you have a harmonious silhouette.

Cache Coeur tips : Redraw your curves by highlighting your hips and shoulders and by refining in the chest.

Which maternity swimsuit to choose?

Maternity swimwear with V neckline with a cut under your breast will sublimate your bust and refine your waist.

With maternity swimsuits Calypso and Santiago, emphasize the hips and shoulders thanks to the multi-position straps that you can tie around the neck. For narrow hips, you can play with adjustable notch.

Maillot de bain de grossesse SantiagoMaillot de bain de grossesse Calypso

Sublimate your bust and add volume with a push-up neckline with the maternity swimsuit Marilyn.

Maillot de bain de grossesse Marilyn
Like  Eden fuchsia in maternity bikini, treat yourself with warm colors like pink, red or purple, and spoil your bikini shorty of your bikini top to break the rectangle effect!

Maternity bikini Eden



V silhouette
Rather sporty silhouette,you have a fuller bust and your shoulders are broad but your pelvis is narrow and your buttocks and hips are quite erased.

Cache Coeur tips : Attract attention by highlighting your lower body.

Which maternity swimsuit to choose?

Choose a maternity swimsuit that has a bandeau neckline like Miami or Marina. Both maternity tankinis, they will open your lower body and are flared.

Maternity tankini MiamiMaternity tankini Marina

With its wide straps, reduce the width of your shoulders with one piece maternity swimsuit Naos.

Maternity swimsuit Naos

Give volume to your hips with the bows of maternity swimsuits Hawai and Santiago!

Maternity tankini Hawai

Maternity tankini Santiago




Silhouette O

Your bust is generous and your hips and shoulders are wide. Your curves are your greatest asset and they make you sensual.

Cache Coeur tips : Celebrate your curves.

Which maternity swimsuit to choose?

Fall for Bounty and its straight neckline with a V opening. Maternity tankini, its integrated bra guarantee a perfect fit while its shape will compliment your curves.

Maternity tankini Bounty
If you have a generous breast, go for the bandeau shape of maternity bikini top Newport. You will have a stunning silhouette with its sun color!

Maternity bikini Newport

Be seduced by  maternity swimsuit Newport in one piece and wear it under maternity beach dress or a maternity caftan.

Maillot de bain de grossesse Newport


Caftan de grossesse Santiago