Valentine’s day is the ideal opportunity to please your wife. Pregnancy makes this day even more special. Here are some gift ideas to spoil the mom-to-be and to celebrate your love.


 1. A maternity lingerie set

This is the most popular gifts during Valentine’s day: lingerie! Pregnant or not, women like to wear pretty underwear to feel beautiful. During pregnancy, pregnant woman body evolves. That's why it's important to choose maternity lingerie that is both comfortable, feminine and refined



Lingerie de grossesse Lisa



Fall for the charm and the softness of Lisa maternity lingerie line. Details make it a resolutely delicate and refined line.






Ligne de lingerie de grossesse Iris




Opt for our romantic Iris maternity lingerie. This lingerie line sublimates pregnant women.





2. A pretty jewel: harmony bola


Maternity bola is the perfect jewel to adopt during pregnancy! It is the perfect gift for a mom-to-be who will be delighted by this pretty jewel, it will also calm baby in the belly. The bell inside the jewel emits a soft sound that assuages baby in the belly and even after birth.


Bola de grossesse Boudoir




Maternity bola Boudoir adorns with Swarovski crystals makes it an exceptional jewel. It’s the perfect gift to please a mom-to-be. It sublimates pregnancy!





Bola de grossesse Baby feet



Fall for Baby feet maternity bola! Little feet drew with diamond powder on the bola illuminate belly and mom-to-be look. True symbol of pregnancy, it's the perfect gift for Valentine's Day.





 3. An essential : maternity dress


Robe de grossesse



Please the excepting mum with a gift which will be useful during and after pregnancy. An essential of wardrobe, our new maternity dress accompanies pregnant woman during all pregnancy steps. Designed to adapt to maternity evolutions, the dress follows mom-to-be curves to make it even more beautiful.


Brest maternity Breton is available in 3 colors to please every future mother. Make your wife's heart beat with this pretty dress. We love the embroidered heart that brings the ultimate touch of femininity.



 4. A maternity night dress

Maternity night dress is the perfect gift for pregnant woman


Nuisette de grossesse Lisa




Offer to her Lisa maternity nightdress to sublimates every night. This nightdress brings femininity and comfort to pregnant woman. It’s available in 3 colors: pearl, khaki and black. It’s totally up to you!





Nuisette de grossesse Khali



Fall for Khali maternity nightdress modernity. As elegant as it is comfortable, it will delight pregnant women!