This year you are going to party while being pregnant? No so easy to combine pregnancy and holidays.

We help you celebrate Christmas and new year eve amazingly!

table noel


Shine bright like a diamond !

First question that comes in mind when talking about holidays is: what am I going to wear? It is the perfect time to look fabulous! Especially if you will be at your in-laws, you wish to reflect perfection.

Go for little black lace dress for a glamorous look. With a boat neck and sheer sleeves. Wear it with a belt to underline your shapes. Combine with our boudoir bola and our couture maternity tights.

Bring out your eyes with a mattified complexion, on-flick eyebrows and cate-eye silver liner. The final touch? Sparkles all around the lid and up your cheeks (gently applied with your fingers).

bola eva bordeaux


Christmas dinner,

What to drink? Treat yourself with a Cocktail according to your desires and tastes. Way better than Champagne we promise you! Here the recipe for the “Baby Mojito” with two different versions to please to all the greedy :

  • 4 lemon wedges
  • 5 mint leaves
  • 2 tablespoon of cane sugar
  • 5 to 10 cl of sparkling water
  • Ice cubes for a fresh and fissy cocktail
  • A big drinking straw for the final touch

For the followers of fruits savors, add:

  • 1 tablespoon of strawberry
  • Strawberry juices

Decline your “Baby Mojito” in “StrawBaby Mojto”!



  1. Start by crush your lemon wedges, your sugar at the bottom of your glass and also your strawberry according to your cocktail.
  2. Add mint, ice cubes and your strawberry juices if you need
  3. Use a shaker or a close container and shake your preparation
  4. Now you can deposit your sparkling water after putting your preparation in your glass.


The little extra? The sparkling water will encourage digestion and will iron out your pregnancy nausea.

What to eat?

Each year holidays are spent with family and friends, it’s that time of the year you don’t need to count calories! This year, you should avoid meats, raw fish et others food, stay calm, here our advices:

-For the follower of duck foie gras, enjoy it with small dose even if it is in canned or in vacuum glass jar sterilized!

-For shellfish and sea food, you can only savor the cooked food, enjoy it to discover new recipes and new savors!

-For the meal, less restrictions, meat and starches accompanied from vegetables rinsed will be perfect!

-For the dessert and the cheese, be careful, food with raw milk or raw eggs are forbidden!

Discover our recipes of “Indian shrimps” to savor this food like every year, declined for pregnancy.


Make all your family enjoy it, recipes for 4 people:


>600 g of cooked shrimps

>1 teaspoon of parsley

>200ml of coconut milk

>1 yellow pepper

>1 peeled tomato

>1 lemon

>Some drop of olive oil

recette crevette

  1. Bake your shrimps on the pan by add the pepper, the parsley and pressed lemon
  2. Let them cook 10 minutes and add it the coconut milk, the peeled tomato et the lemow.
  3. Let them cook during 5 minutes or more
  4. Serve it soup plates and propose some traditional bread to accompany it!


Enjoy your meal!

With all our tips for perfect holidays, you will be able to have the best time!

Cache Coeur team wishes you happy holidays!