To savor the end of the summer with comfort and femininity, Cache Coeur launched its two new maternity tights with the exceptional quality and its trendy look!

For several years, Cache Coeur offer technical pieces in the fashion stakes to stay feminine to the tip of the feet. This season, crack for 100% pattern look with our two new maternity tights : Seduction Lena and Seduction Confetti.

Zoom on these two essential pieces which warm your wardrobe :


1.      Seduction Confetti, the crush pattern

Discover the new maternity tights Seduction Confetti, the trendy accessory to leave the season in the fashion stakes! Thanks to its trendy polka dots and to its fine material to the secret know-how by Cache Coeur, its perfectly mix comfort and femininity.

 Available from S to XL, this maternity thights 20D sheer made of microfiber and Lycra will perfectly wear your legs et will accompany you at all the occasions.


Collants de maternité


2.      Seduction Lena, the comfort and well-being advantage for daily


Crack for this trendy daily maternity tights! Seduction Lena, fitted with an incomparable softness, assures you an extreme comfort all day long. Designed for your well-being, these maternity tights bring a modern touch to your everyday outfit thanks to its ribbed pattern and its 40D in microfiber and Lycra. This opaque effect will sublimate your outfits and your everyday moments. Available from S to XL, you just have to crack!




3.      Innovative and technical novelties for your well-being

To complete its collection of maternity tights, Cache Coeur has again brought its exceptional know-how to offer technical and quality pieces. The two new maternity tights are equipped with large, ultra-thin, innovative belts that adapt perfectly to changes of the body during pregnancy and that do not mark the belly for a well-being in everyday life. Its unique and seamless ventral construction ensures total support and invisibility under clothing.


Collants de maternité


Do not hesitate and equip yourself for the season, rather for everyday life or for more specific occasions, opt for Seduction Lena and Seduction Confetti and fill your legs of femininity!