Stop the received ideas! Pregnancy doesn’t’ mean systematic stopping of any sport… You can continue to do a sport activity during your pregnancy, please respect the advice of your doctor and listen to your body.

Generally prenatal yoga is one of the sports recommended during pregnancy, both soft and tonic, you will work your entire body. On this World Yoga Day, here are the reasons that will convince you to sign up for Yoga.

Prénatal Yoga

1. Learn to relax

Yoga exercises are intended to help moms to be with her stressful changes in her life. Thanks to Yoga, you will have a better control of your mood and your apprehensions.

2. Be connected with baby

The prenatal yoga class will allow the pregnant woman to take time to focus on herself and her baby. The different postures and exercises will make the mother feel connected to her child!

3. Prepare your body for childbirth

This activity focuses on breathing and relaxation to help the future mom to live well her pregnancy and to prepare for her birth. During work, breathing is an essential point to manage your emotions and control pain and to stay focus.

4. Different benefits

Pregnancy is often accompanied by pains that appears month by month with your growing baby who become increasingly heavy. Most of time, pregnant women feel tension at the back. Thanks to the flexibility exercise, the prenatal yoga will come to relax and relieve this part of the body.

During the class, the pregnant women will also made exercises to work on the vitality and the strength of her legs. This will help relieve heavy legs !

Are you convinced ? Prenatal Yoga is the activity to adopt when you are pregnant! But how to dress to go ? Find below your essential accessories to combine useful with pleasure!

Crack for the Illusion line :

Prénatal Yoga



The Caroco set and legging will be your allies for this yoga class. Both soft and comfortable, these 2 pieces will allow you to be relaxed to refocus on yourself.









Prénatal Yoga



The legging are also to mix with the Illusion bra to make you feel slight for your prenatal yoga class.