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Breastfeedind essentials

Cache Coeur was built on the promise to facilitate breastfeeding for today’s modern mom. In honor of the celebration of World Breastfeeding Week in France, here are some ideas for pregnancy and breastfeeding essentials!

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Estelle de Cache Coeur

Autumn is coming, It is the occasion for moms-to-be to see what they can wear this season. Woman has several desires, that is why, Lisa exists now in fig colour. This is THE cosy colour to adopt this season !

lisa figue lingerie


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Estelle de Cache Coeur

You are pregnant and you are looking for a first name for your baby? That is so exciting but you need to do the good choice because that important choice will be for life! You need to respect some rules for child well-being.

name for life

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Estelle de Cache Coeur

Cache Cœur pays attention to each detail in order to offer you a useful, comfortable and evolutive set of maternity and nursing lingerie that can be worn during and after pregnancy !

maternity lingerie IRIS

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