Do you want to take advantage of sales even being pregnant? We have good news for you, as we have made a selection which will help you to find the perfect Cache Coeur’s product that you need, at a very soft price.

Impossible to ignore this information: the winter sales 2017 began Wednesday, January 11 and we want you to enjoy this long-awaited period while being pregnant. It is also the opportunity to find beautiful maternity and nursing lingerie, pajamas and swimsuits to be pleased.

Today, we decided to make a small selection of our favorite pieces for the Cache Cœur winter sales 2017.


maternity and nursing lingerie 

1.   Breastfeeding Lingerie

At Cache Coeur, we offer you both comfort and elegance with our lingerie. Our magnetic breastfeeding clips are discreet, aesthetic and practical as they can be opened with only one hand.

Soutien-gorge de grossesse


1. Maternity and nursing bra Lisa 2. Nursing bra Garçonne color Smoking  3. Nursing bra Garçonne color plum, 4. Nursing bra Garçonne color beige, 5. Maternity and nursing bra Dune ivory 6. Maternity and nursing bra Lisa color coral, 7. Maternity and nursing bra Lisa vintage, 8. Maternity and nursing bra seamless 3D Light, 9. Maternity and nursing bra Dunes color black.


2.  Maternity Pajama

All our maternity and nursing pajamas and nightgowns are especially adapted to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Made of ultra-soft materials, our homewear lines provide incomparable comfort to moms-to-be.

Pyjama de grossesse


1. Maternity and nursing pants and jacket Velvet khaki, 2. Maternity and nursing pants and jacket Velvet pink, 3. Maternity and nursing pants and jacket Velvet color beige, 4. Maternity and nursing pajama Delicious State Blue, 5.Maternity and nursing pajama Delicious Grenadine 6. Pajama short Joy, 7. Maternity and nursing top Lisa, 8. Maternity nightdress Delicious State Blue, 10. Maternity nightdress Delicious grenadine


3. Maternity Swimwear

This season, we also offer you a large choice of swimwear for your tropical holidays!

Maillot de bain de grossesse

1.Maternity Swimsuit Newport color sun, 2. Maternity swimsuit Newport color cherry, 3. Maternity tankini Eden fuchsia, 4. Maternity bikini Eden fuchsia, 5. Maternity bikini Eden black, 6. Maternity Swimsuit Calypso, 7. Tankini Bora-Bora, 8. Maternity tankini Santiago indigo, 10. Maternity Swimsuit Santiago multico, 11. Maternity Tankini Santiago black.


Our website proposes you a large choice of maternity and nursing lingerie, maternity swimwear or maternity and nursing pajamas during the winter sales 2017!