True pregnancy must-have, the maternity bola is a strongly symbolical jewel. It will accompany you all along the next nine months and even, if not mostly, after! This fall, our collection has been enriched with new bolas that will be the perfect addition to your season’s looks!

New styles, new colors… the perfect bola is waiting for you!

Cache Cœur and bolas

For the last few years, Cache Coeur has provided moms and moms-to-be with exceptional jewelry! Resting on your belly, the bolas’ soft music will soothe baby in the womb and will then comfort him/her after birth. The bola’s music will be so familiar that hearing it will allow baby to stay calm and serein.

Bolas also allow moms-to-be to highlight their curves and accessorize their pregnancy looks.

Inherited from Mexican and Indonesian traditions, bolas are true pieces of jewelry created with an unmatched know-how. Cache Coeur first concern is to offer you quality bolas with refined finish.




The Best-sellers

Year after year, our bola collection has grown bigger and the concept itself has evolved!

With Cache Cœur, you can easily customize your bola according to your needs and desires by pairing it with a chain or a cord.

The collection offers refined and meticulously designed pieces so every mom or mom-to-be can find the perfect piece.

>> Babyfeet are timeless pieces of our collection. The decorative tiny feet will definitely charm you. A fun jewel to wear!

>> The Glossy bolas are elegant and modern jewels. Sober and chic, they are the perfect detail for a fashion look. Pair it with a gold chain for a total gold look!

>> The « Precious », such a “Chic Sphere” or the rhodium Boudoir, display Swarovski crystals finishes! Glamour with strass, these bolas guarantee a shiny pregnancy!

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Each year, new bolas are created to match new trends and fulfill your needs!

End of the yeat novelties

This year, enhance your fall/winter looks with one (or more!) of our 5 novelties. Feminine and modern, they will definitely charm you!


New Babyfeet !

Very appreciated by future moms, the Babyfeet bola was already available in four different colors and materials. To complete the collection and bring new tints, we are happy to present you the Babyfeet bola gilded with fine pink gold. A feminine color which perfectly matches winter looks.

This new color and the tiny feet made of diamond powder are the perfect mix between sobriety and elegance!

An entirely new line !

To celebrate the end of the year, Cache Coeur has developed a new line called EVA. It includes 4 pieces with 4 different colors.

Their geometrics patterns with refined gold lines give to these new bolas an unique aspect. The warm colors are enhanced by gold lines can be associated with different cords so the bola can match any look.

Delivered in a jewelry box, this is the perfect gift for young moms or future moms!



The choice is now yours! Choose the bola you like and which will best match your pregnancy style.

Care instructions

For a bola to last, it needs to be cared of a few measures must be taken. Here are the key points to remember:

- Take it of before showering and be careful when manipulating cleaning products when housecleaning

- Avoid wearing it when doing sports or sleeping, as your movements could damage or even break it

- When you are not wearing it, make sure to store it in a bag or in a jewelry box to prevent the cord to tingle and keep it away from direct sunlight

- To clean your bola, use a soft tissue and rub its surface in small circles

- Avoid to wear it at the beach or at the swimming pool, as the water could damage it


Take a look at our bolas and fall for your favorite!

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