How to choose your pregnancy and nursing bra?

Every woman evolves differently during pregnancy. During this period, the rib cage gets bigger, and most of the pregnant women gain one or even two sizes. That’s why you will need well fitted bras for the pregnancy and the nursing periods alongside your new pregnancy clothes.

Which bra is the best?

At the very beginning of the pregnancy you must select a qualitative nursing bra, underwired and with wide straps, and above all with a bigger size than the one you are used to wear. The nursing bra must perfectly cover the breast without crushing it. Thus don’t be afraid of investing more money in a qualitative nursing bra to enjoy their shape after the pregnancy: your bra will be your best partner during this period! (nursing bra).

Wireless, or underwired?

It will depend on two things: your habits, and your size ! If you are interested in an underwired nursing bra, only select the bras with very flexible underwire, especially designed for breastfeeding. A nursing bra is quite a technical product, so be sure to choose a quality bra!


Our pregnancy and nursing bras underwire are ultra-flexible and are designed to provide you with a perfect support. Our underwire have a wider curve to avoid the scratching on the sides and a more important flexibility to ensure a maximum comfort, from the B to the F cup (fuller figure nursing bra).

Which bra to choose?

To select your nursing bra, you have to wonder how it is going to evolve. Our “evolving” cups perfectly adapt themselves to the volume evolution of the bosom, and thus you will be able to gain one cup size during pregnancy.

Our fashion piece of advice

During pregnancy and beyond Cache Coeur assists you with the best-adapted pregnancy and nursing bra, which will ensure you to stay fashionable with an easy, fast, discreet and comfortable access to breastfeeding!

- 3rd month:

I need an evolving and comfortable pregnancy bra, providing an excellent support (nursing bra: Bohème, Illusion, Dunes, 3D Light, Signature).

- 6th month:

I need a feminine and comfortable maternity and nursing bra (3D Light)

- 8th month:

I need an evolving and breathable t-shirt bra (Illusion, Signature)

- 9th month:

I need a nursing bra made of microfiber (dries up to 5 times faster than cotton) to contain the milk flows after childbirth (3D Light, Illusion, Bohème)

- 1st month of the baby:

I need a wireless nursing bra (Bohème, 3D Light, Illusion)

- 2nd month of the baby:

I need a very feminine and comfortable nursing bra (Garçonne, Dunes, Lisa)

- 3rd month with the baby:

I need a nursing bra made of microfiber, cotton and hypoallergenic fabrics (Signature, Lisa…)