After New-York, London and Milano, the fashion week is starting today in Paris.

From September 29th to October 7th for the fashion week, creativity and fashion take place in the French Capital: Paris, for a week full of surprises and emotions.

Fashion Week 2015 paris

2016 trends will be revealed throughout this week. This is an opportunity for the fashion lovers to discover the future fashion trends for the autumn/winter season and for the companies to communicate on their expertise.

 Paris Fashion Week 2015

The fashion week also takes place in four other big fashion capitals in the world: New-York, London, Milano and finally, Paris. These four weeks are commonly named “the big four” by the Anglo-Saxon Medias. Traditionally, the first week takes place in New-York, the second week in London, the third week in Milano and finally the last week in Paris, with a different atmosphere in each city!

The French capital will illuminate its famous Eiffel Tower every night during this week while making appear the word “MODE” thanks to the lights!


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