Developed in the 1990s by the Austrian Research Institute for textiles (ÖTI) and the Research Institute Hohenstein, OEKO TEX Standard 100 answers to the need of consumers to find textile products with no risk to health.

Okay, but still ...

Specifically, these institutes have established criterias to assess the harmful products in textile products and ensure that they will have no negative effect on the health of consumers.

Tests based on the harmful substances are made in laboratories. These tests relate to well-defined limits, for it must be understood that a substance in itself may not be toxic, but its concentration can be. So the label does not guarantee the absence of a particular substance, because it would be impossible, but provides a lower concentration than the norm and therefore without risk to health.

For a product to be labeled OEKO TEX, it is necessary that they meet all the requirements and criteria. When the "Confidence in Textiles" logo appears on a product, it is synonymous of quality.

The major advantage of this certification is that it has been standardized WORLDWIDE. Thus, even if the steps of manufacture place around the 4 corners of the world, this label ensures that the OEKO TEX criteria have been met throughout the manufacturing process.


Cache Coeur, which takes great care of the welfare of its clients makes its maternity and nursing collections with materials labelled OEKO TEX. Our soft materials are guaranteed without risk to health in order to respect the skin of pregnant women.


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