Milk? It is the new essential maternity and nursing line for moms and moms-to-be! Discover its pieces, its ambiance and its secrets in our article!

A new best-seller for sure!

Ligne Milk

The Milk collection spirit

This new line was inspired by the Art Déco style and offer pieces with warm colors.                                                   Play the mix & match game by playing with the black, Green and Burgundy!

The Milk line is divided in 3 categories so you can navigate between comfort and seduction, or even both! It is composed of seamless pieces which offer you extreme comfort but also corsetry pieces and homewear.

Mix style and form, Milk is our new “daily refined” line which can be wear at all times and which create you a tailor-made looks thanks to it’s mix & match effect!

The maternity and nursing seamless comfort

For an extreme comfort, opt for the maternity and nursing seamless pieces from the Milk collection!

Discover 3 pieces composed of bamboo viscose, OEKOTEX certified which offer softness and lightness at every occasion :

>>The maternity and nursing seamless bra are the essential of this category!

Equipped with a reinforcement line under the chest and in the back, it’s offered a perfect support during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

It’s integrated padded complete this comfort and offer softness for the chest.

The maternity and nursing seamless bra advantages? It’s breastfeeding clips and its elastic lace which offer an easy access to live serenely breastfeeding!

Ligne Milk

>> For the lower? Opt for a seamless maternity low waist shorts or a seamless maternity high waist brief!

Both light, these breathable pieces give you a well-being sensation thanks to its seamless. For reinforcement areas under the belly and in the back, opt for the high waist brief and for more lightness and a low waist cutting, opt for the shorts!

Up to you to mix colors or to mix with corsetry pieces!

Ligne Milk


The seduction advantage of maternity and nursing corsetry

Want pieces chicer and more attractive? This is the maternity and nursing corsetry Milk pieces which offer you a refined look!

>> Discover the underwired maternity and nursing bra Milk !

Made of microfiber, its Conçus en microfibre, it procures softness and well-being at every moms and moms to be. Its support is optimal, it’s equipped with padded molded and underwired for a daily comfort.

It’s advantage ? It’s plunging décolleté with a scarf shape and its elastic lace on the edge which sublime your looks and will makes you crack! But also? Its breastfeeding clips which facilitate the access to breastfeeding and the moms daily.

Ligne Milk


>> To complete your attractive look, opt for a maternity low waist shorts Milk!

Made of microfiber, it gives the same softness and the comfort than the underwired bra. During and after pregnancy, this short will sublime you thanks to its low waist!

The details which make you crack? It’s small knot on the front of the shorty and its large elastics lace!

A best-seller sets !

Ligne Milk


The maternity and nursing homewear pieces that makes crack!

What better than end a line with a maternity and nursing homewear pieces?

>> Opt this maternity and nursing nightdress Milk for your cocooning night!


Ligne Milk

Its warm colors will be perfect for your home moments ! Enjoy a bamboo viscose and microfiber pieces to have lightness and softness all the night.

It’s modern and feminine shape and its plunging decolleté will make you crack. Also crack for its support under the breast thanks to its belt under the chest and its breastfeeding access!

Its refined details like the melted wrists on the sleeves make this nightdress, an assured crush!


Ligne Milk


And you ? Which categories do you prefer? Will you mix colors? Or shapes?

Us, we love mix & match!