You are pregnant and you are looking for a first name for your baby? That is so exciting but you need to do the good choice because that important choice will be for life! You need to respect some rules for child well-being. Cache Coeur let you discover some advices:

name for baby

Check the initials because sometimes it can be so embarrassing. For example, if someone is called William COSTANTIN initials are W.C.

Be sure the balance is good. If the family name is long, a short first name will be better.

Think about your family name, the whole first name and family name must sound beautiful. Do not hesitate to call it out to make you an idea.

Be careful, too original first name  may give some teasing from other children.

Cache Coeur let you discover some very trendy first names for a chic “french touch”:

Girls :

girls name

Eugénie, Charlotte, Constance, Garance, Jeanne, Eléonore, Marie, Rose, Jade, Alice.

Boys :

boys name

Augustin, Paul, Guillaume, Antoine, Alexis, Matthieu, Léon, Martin, Raphaël, Quentin