The end of summer is approaching and there are only a few days left before school starts. We give you some tips to better anticipate the back to school of your children.


1. Prepare her/his academic pace


Who says holidays says longer day and more freedom. In summer, children often have a rhythm off the rest of the year ... They go to bed and get up a little later.


That's why, about 2 weeks before the school start get up and go to bed your kids a little bit earlier each day. They will gradually resume the pace of school without too much difficulty. On D-Day, your children will be ready and responsive to start the day.


2. Provide school supplies


If you can, anticipate the purchase of school supplies a few weeks before school starts. A few days before the return to school, the supply department will be overflowing, you can’t maybe found the diary or the bag that your children want ... You can also buy school supplies with your kids online, you'll probably have more choices and you'll save time!

Remember to prepare the day before with your children their bag for the return. You like them will be more serene the next morning!


3. Create a schedule

Organization is often important when you have kids… So for back to school, create a schedule to organize the time of your family. You can indicate extracurricular activities of each child and their homework time. You can also add your schedules and those of your companion to anticipate the care of children in the evening. Thanks to calendar, you will se more clearly in your week!


4. Rebalance the diet

Whether parents or children, everyone tends to have fun in the summer. Back to school is the good opportunity to resume good habits for both sports activities and food.



Pregnancy, how to organize for the return?

Pregnancy can often be stressful for the mother. Moreover if you prepare the children back to school at the same time. To avoid this stress, think about establish a tasks list to be done so as not to be overwhelmed (buy school supplies, prepare the outfits for back to school ...)


Ask the older ones to support you in your daily tasks like setting the table, sorting the laundry. They will be eager to help you during this time when you expect their future brother or sister.


Despite a busy schedule, try to free yourself some time to find yourself. Take a rest or do a sports activity adapted to your pregnancy, equip yourself with our maternity and nursing bras Cache Coeur, comfortable and ultra-soft. Chill in front of the TV in Cache Coeur pajamas with your companion when the children are in bed.


Now you have our tips to anticipate the return with serenity!

We hope these tips will be valuable to you! While waiting for the day, Cache Coeur wishes you a nice back to school.