As much as we love pastel colour for summer and spring, a classic black lingerie set is a timeless look that we can return to season after season. With so many styles, from romanticism, fashion, vintage to glamour, here is our lingerie set guide to help you choosing the perfect Cache Coeur black lingerie line which will meet your needs and personality.

The must-have black nursing lingerie lines: Magic

The must-have black nursing lingerie lines :


Iris, our latest lingerie line is made for everyday life. Its full-cup shape wireless bra provid a natural breast shape. With a beautiful lace and feminine finishing, Iris sublimates moms-to-be silhouette with elegance and simplicity. 

Iris : soutien-gorge d'allaitement


Gloss is a modern and technical maternity nursing lingerie line. Thanks to its mat and shiny bubble pattern and heart-shaped jewel between the cups, Gloss reveals to be both practical and feminine.

Gloss : Lingerie d'allaitement et de grossesse


With its triangle shape and geometric lace, Mosaic reveals to be a trendy lingerie line. Its maternity and nursing bra is wireless and guarantees maximum confort and softness. 

Mozaïc : soutien-gorge d'allaitement et de grossesse

Our retro-chic maternity and nursing lingerie lines : 


Composed of 3 lingerie pieces, Lollypop is made of an ultra-soft microfiber to provide maximum of softness and comfort to moms-to-be. The dotted lace and bustier shape will sublimate every pregnant woman with a vintage and feminine look.

Lollypop : Lingerie de grossesse et d'allaitement


Lisa is Cache Coeur iconic lingerie line. With its balconette bra shape, maxi satin box and open work on the cups, this maternity and nursing lingerie line reveals to be very romantic and perfect for moms-to-be who are looking for a timeless lingerie line.

Lisa : Lingerie de grossesse et d'allaitement

Our glamourous maternity and nursing lingerie lines : 


Opéra is made of pleated tulle and delicate lace to offer you seductive sets of lingerie, full of transparency and finesse. The sophisticated finishing touches and the soft and delicate microfiber fabrics transformed the line Opéra into a must-have for future and new moms.

Opéra : Lingerie de grossesse et d'allaitement


Thanks to Magic, Cache Coeur ally elegance and comfort with perfection. Made of Spacer, an innovative material and covered of a delicate and slightly shiny Lurex lace, Magic maternity and nursing bra inspires femininity!

Magic : Lingerie de grossesse et d'allaitement  

Our technical maternity and nursing lingerie lines:

3D Light

Made of innovative materials, ultra-light and breathable, this maternity and nursing line shapes your curves for a perfect comfort. This wireless bra is perfect to nurse, thanks to its plunging decolleté.

3D Light : Lingerie de grossesse et d'allaitement


On each item, the smooth ultrasound cutting offers perfect finishing touches and infinite softness. With Diamond, Cache Coeur offers its technical innovations for the well-being of future and new moms.

Diamond : Lingerie de grossesse et d'allaitement