It's almost the big day? You are a pregnant woman, and I’m sure that you have a lot of things to do and to think about.  So, we have listed for you what is essential for your maternity bag. We will take care of everything and allow you free your mind. For your maternity bag you will have to take maternity and nursing lingerie, all the necessary for the baby, but also a maternity bola because your beauty is very essential.


Kit valise de maternité



(The quantity depends on the numbers of day of the hospitalization.)

- Bodysuits, pajamas and vests

- Sleeping bag: without sleeves is better.

- Socks and slipper

- A bonnet, if your childbirth is in winter

- Some nappies: couche culotte

- A newborn baby shower gel

- A thermometer

-  Towels and nursing bottles



-  Disposables pants (3/4 per days) and sanitary pad.

-  Nursing pillow

-  Headband (alway usefull during the labor)

-  Your personal items and a camera for the memories

-  A Nipple cream


Vetements de maternité




-  All you need in your toilet bag: shower gel, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, moistruizing cream, towels and washcloths…

-  Some Make up, a light foundation, blush and mascara.

-  Maternity bola



-          Maternity and nursing bra for more comfort and feminity

-          Maternity and nursing pajamas and/or  maternity and nursing nightdresses

-          A pair of slippers or a pair of comfortable socks.

-          Clothes for when you will exit to the hospital.
           For example, you can wear a pretty maternity dress with maternity tights.


Don't forget your paper for your admission in the hospital.

It is also necessary to take a meal for the person accompanying you.


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Papier pour l'accouchement