Reusable and washable mask

After two months of confinement, it's time to take our first steps towards our new life! Economic activity has been awakened and many of you have returned to work. And as we all know, even if this deconfinement initiates a return to our former life, let's savour it, it will still be with social distancing and daily barrier gestures!


In terms of barrier gestures, the daily wearing of the mask is one of the main protective measures. Today, more than 4.5 million masks are used every day and more than 84 million masks are requested from companies that can supply them!

Even more so because 2 to 3 masks are needed per day and per person for optimal protection. In fact, the average duration of protection for a mask is 4 hours, sometimes less if your mask shows signs of humidity.


Many of you have asked us if we could make masks and make them accessible to the greatest number of people. After hesitating because of our modest production capacity and faced with the reactivity and production of the big brands, we finally decided to participate in the national effort and to launch ourselves!

So we decided to ACT!

Act for you, your safety, your health, because you are our priority.

Act for the environment, the limitation of waste and the consumption of single-use goods. 

Act for all of us, for our future, by making it easier to wear masks with soft materials, modern aesthetics and thoughtful ergonomics.


More than 13,000 masks will be made in our workshops, which work tirelessly to produce hundreds of masks a day to supply as many of you as possible! They are sold 6euros on our website. 

Reusable mask cost


Our textile masks made from Oeko-Tex materials follow AFNOR standards, are adjustable, washable and reusable!


Our creative designer Audrey has imagined the pattern to make these masks in our workshop.

These masks are designed with a triple thickness:

- A swimwear fabric layer

- One hundred percent cotton lining

- And an additional inner protection with the presence of a removable foam thanks to a gap at the bottom of the mask.

They will adapt perfectly to your morphology and that of the whole family thanks to these two adjustable thongs to be tied at the back of the head.


Reusable maskReusable mask Cache CoeurReusable maskReusable mask