Pregnancy is an important time of a woman’s life where many emotional and physical changes happen. Keeping a written track of your pregnancy will help you remember those very special nine months and is also a good way to show your baby what was his/her parent’s life before he or she was born.

pregnancy journal

When to write ?

You can start your pregnancy journal as soon as you find out that you are pregnant, just to be sure that you forget nothing and it also allows you to follow your pregnancy in detail.

Take some time to regularly write your pregnancy journal. You don’t have to do it on a daily basis, but it can be a pleasant time that allows you to be creative and thoughtful, also to feel in control and more confident in this transition period.

What to write ?

To keep your pregnancy journal you can, for example, separate it into three trimesters.
Write about the day you found out you were pregnant, how did you accept this news, how you announced it to your loved ones or how you felt when the baby kicked for the first time.

Talk about your feelings, doubts, happiness or highlights.
Also write about your daily life and the important events from the day’s news or what’s in/out of fashion.

Make a list of the names you like, your inspirations to decorate the baby’s room, the first gift you got for your child, etc.

Finally, illustrate your pregnancy journal with pictures of your pretty round belly, your ultrasounds but also your family and friends.

pregnancy journal

What medium ?

To keep your pregnancy journal, you can go for a digital medium and create a blog or video blog. With a digital pregnancy journal, your loved ones will be able to keep up with the story of your child’s birth and also directly interact with you. You can share pictures of your belly every day and write down what you feel is important to you.

You can also keep your pregnancy journal on a more traditional medium. You will then need a bit of material (notebook, scissors, glue, etc). As for a blog, you can illustrate your pregnancy journal with pictures.

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