Yvette was chosen to be Cache Cœur 2017 swimwear muse. Discover her bubbly personality, universe and young mom life !


new maternity swimsuit collection

Can you present yourself in a few words ?

Dutch young mom, friendly, social , always happy love to smile, long legs, always a positive and professional attitude during photoshoots, helpful, i love to working in a team and make great results together, oh and i love pizza and pastas! :) 


You are the muse of the new lingerie and swimwear collections. How does it feel ?

It feel very special because my little baby boy was inside my belly, we dit the job together! He was and still is so good to me. It was a great expérience and memory for me. I’m very happy with te results en I think the brochure looks very good. I’ll hope My Son is proud.


maternity swimsuit

What where your favorite piece(s) and why ?

The baby blue grey Cosmos collection a beautifull swimsuit. I feel ready comfortable and sexy in it. And I liked the black and white sporty collection, Sydney, with a very special back and zipper on the decolleté.  But all swimsuits were very comfortable and soft. 


maternity swimsuit


What is your best memory during Cache Cœur’s shoot ?

Pizza for breakfast... haha joking !

I love to travel and I’ve never been in Croatia before this shoot, so i can take it of my travel list. Croatia was a new place for me. The island Brac was very beautifull and we were so lucky with the beautifull weather, were going by a very big boat. And the team was very kindly and professional, we had a lot of fun!


maternity swimsuit

How did you organize your baby’s arrival ?

He have two amazing grannys, they take both care two days of babysitting and my husband one day. Im so happy he has not to go on this age to a daycare. A very luxurios position to have the best for our baby (thats my opinion). 


We needed a new car, and buying a lot of babystuff! We knew before gaving birth its gonna be a boy! So buying clothes and making a room was very easy for us. 


When he was born a lot of family, friends an colleagues where visiting by individu, but maybe if (if its possible) when there comes a second child i will organize a big birth celebration.

How do you manage to juggle between your life as a woman, a mom-to-be and a business woman ?

I love to work again after 3 months free time with my baby Barron. After 3 months I was ready to work on set for a photoshoot. I was very happy to fit the clothes again. 

I have an office job and do modeling. Love to have variety. It's very nice to be sure to have a different world than just being mom. I will always want to continue working as a mother, housewife does not suit me. I have plans to starting a mama lifestyle blog as a hobby : to share tips and tricks about the daily life of a mother, you can read it on my blog and me and my little Family are representing By Modelmamas the same agency where I getting this job

Im very proud of my own little family. We had a few options for cool jobs but hopefully we can do a nice job together in the future, because my babyboy is very photogenic, but ofcourse every mom will says it about their own child. He is also very alert to the camera. I think it's because we are taking picture from birth. His eyes following the camera constantly and when he sees a camera hes lifting his eyebrowns and startend to smile! I’ts a very happy baby. 

Which advices would you give to other pregnant women ?

To be a mother is the best feeling in the world. Our life changed completely. We can't imaginaire without. My world has changed but also myself, im stronger and confident, everything changed. 

Little things are suddenly very important and big things no longer important. Enjoy little things in life. 

Love and enjoy your pregnant belly because before you know you will miss the feeling and little kicks. His ‘little’ kicks better can say ‘big kicks’ were amazing to me, the connection is so strong. He was a very busy baby inside I think he was playing soccer ‘haha’.  Enjoy your pregnancy because it is a miracle from mother nature, be blessed if you can be pregnant and can have children, realize time flies and always following your 'mother' intuition. 


maternity swimsuit