Holiday season is close but what can you do when you are pregnant? What outfit can you put on? Cache Coeur tells you all about it!

Pregnant during holiday season


How to choose the perfect outfit when you are pregnant?

It can be difficult to choose the perfect outfit when you are pregnant with your body changes. One thing is sure; choose a nice pretty comfortable dress. You are pregnant with new body curves; don’t be scared to show your body, you will be the center of attention and carefully spoiled by all of your friends and family so enjoy!

Choose light fabrics, stretchable and soft for the maximum comfort. You are pregnant so show your neckline. Choose our wire free nursing bra 3D Light for a total invisibility! Do not wear too much makeup, only natural makeup. Add a cute necklace like the Harmony Bola. And choose our maternity tights!        

The perfect lingerie line for holiday season

Our mexican bolas


How to enjoy your party while being pregnant?

It is strongly advice to not drink alcohol during pregnancy. You can enjoy your party with alcohol free beers. It is also advice to drink a lot of water for hydration and digestion. There are numerous cocktail recipes with no alcohol to spend happy holidays!

How to fight tiredness while being pregnant?

If you feel tired, you don’t feel well, need to rest, listen to your body. Don’t force yourself to do an effort, especially when you are pregnant.

To completely enjoy your party, be comfy, where comfy shoes, go lie down if you need to, be relaxed.

What do you need to avoid when you are pregnant?

You are pregnant; you must think about your child’s health, there are many products that you can’t eat during pregnancy: avoid certain food like raw fish, raw meat, oysters...Avoid tobacco smoke as well, stay away from those who smoke, it is dangerous for your child’s health. Avoid people pushing as well in crowds.

How to party when you are pregnant