t is really difficult to choose a name for your child, with the new trends, your close surroundings and family tradition; anything can influence your choice on the name of your child!

How to choose the perfect name for your child?

The new 2018 French trends

In France, the trends are going back to the older names, where we find Josephine, Léon and Gaspard, and the two timeless names Louise and Gabriel. Short names such as Noam and Mia are successful with the new generation. In 2018, the trends go for shorter names, easier to write. If you want to be sure about a name, go to Starbucks, order and coffee and see if the waiter wrote the name correctly, if he did, the name you chose is easy to understand.

How to choose the perfect name for your child?

Names you need to avoid

It’s important to choose correctly your child’s name. His name is what defines him at school, with his friends; at work...he will keep his name all his life. Avoid names linked to a brand; people could make fun of your child’s name. Avoid dictator names or comic book characters names. And don’t choose inappropriate or far-fetched names.

How to choose the perfect name?

To choose correctly your child’s name, you always need to check at all the negatives connotations that the name could have because he will have that name all his life. Inspire yourself from your family, friends, your travels, movies; books…personalize the name of your child with the things you love. And do not tell the name of your child to anyone before birth, because there will always be someone that will influence you and make you change your mind, or someone could steal your child’s name!

How to choose the perfect name for your child?