Pregnancy swimwear


Summer is coming and it’s time to choose its maternity swimwear to fully enjoy the sun and the beach! We give you some practical advices to choose your Cache Coeur swimwear which will fit you and your pregnancy perfectly.


You have broad shoulders, an ample bosom and thin hips? You have a morphology in V. The goal is to highlights your legs and your hips by playing with the volumes and the shapes!











Plump woman? You have an ample bosom and a no marked waist, you have a morphology in O. Select a swimwear with a low neckline to highlights your generous rounded which curve your breast.

Your shape is uniform, you have shoulders and lower body of equal width and a no marked waist. Sublimate you shape with a maternity swimwear with a pin-up look which will mark perfectly your waist!

You have small shoulders, a slim waist and rising hips. The Morphology in A is the most current for pregnancy women. Indeed, with the arrival of the baby, your hips widen, and your bump grows which gives you this beautiful A shape!

Highlights your shoulders and your head to harmonize your shape and be more sublime on the beach!