The baby arrival is always a moment of happiness and the pregnancy announcement must be creative and surprising in order to create intense emotions for the people you are sharing the announcement with. For this great event, we have selected 5 creative ways to announce your pregnancy. Enjoy!




1. A rebus game

Create a rebus game is a very funny and original way to announce your pregnancy. During a dinner with all your friends and family, you can distribute your rebus game to all of them and let them guess what you wanted tell.


2. M&M’s.

Now, it is possible to write on your M&M’s! So, you can personalize those candy by writing on it some sentences like “I am pregnant”, or “you’ll become a dad” or “I have something incredible to announce you”.


3. Custom object

To announce your pregnancy, you can choose custom objects. For example, you can print a t-shirt with “boy or girl ? “ or just a drawing with baby feet.  You can also choose to print on a mug “The best grand-ma” to offer to your mom as a pregnancy announcement.




4. A picture

To reveal your pregnancy, taking and sharing pictures is a good way. For exemple, take pictures of 3 pairs of shoes – your shoes, his shoes, and baby shoes.


5. Rent a signboard

If you want to make something big, you can rent a signboard with a catching message “Lucas, you’re going to be a dad”. Then, you only have to get him to see the signboard and announce him your pregnancy!