The pregnancy is a big step for Mom-to-Be. She has to get ready for baby's arrival. This leaves limited time for personal activities like taking care of self. Of course, the baby will be spoiled even before he arrives ! What about the Mom-to-Be?

With all of the baby supplies slowly racking up, what can you get her that’ll stand out and make her feel special?

Idées de cadeaux Noël pour femme enceinte

A maternity bola :

Whether the mom-to-be on your list is having her first baby or her third, a jewel is rarely wrong. She will like to feel loved and encouraged throughout her pregnancy. Our harmony balls are made of noble materials so to sublimates moms-to-be silhouettes and clothing throughout pregnancy. Bubbles design or decorated with baby feet, Cache Coeur mexican bolas are the perfect gift idea of a pregnant woman or a young mom!

Idées de cadeaux Noël pour femme enceinte


Nursing homewear clothes :

Cache Coeur Lingerie has just released its last collection, Khali. Khali line is composed of 3 pieces of lingerie : A plunge nursing bra, a low-waist shorty, a post-pregnancy high-waisted brief. Its maternity and nursing homewear line is only available in night blue. The soft and stretch materials are guaranteed without harmful products to infinitely respect her skin.

Idées de cadeaux Noël pour femme enceinte

Yoga classes : 

Yoga helps moms-to-be working on different aspects such as physical appearance, spiritualism and emotions. Yoga is a physical and breathing activity perfectly adapted to pregnancy. It is optimal to relax and keep in shape.

For this special activity, she will need comfortable clothes. Cache Coeur created Illusion, a 100% seamless maternity and nursing line, perfectly adapted to yoga practice. Composed of a maternity and nursing bra, maternity and nursing tank top, maternity shorty, maternity leggings and maternity belt, its range is complete. Its softness and second skin effect provide comfort and well-being all along pregnancy.

Idées de cadeaux Noël pour femme enceinte

A photo session with a professional photograph : 

She can do it on the topic of her choice. She will have a memory of her pregnancy or maybe she decides to use it after the baby is arrived. We are sure he will be glad of it.

A well-being break :

To deal with a pregnancy can be far from relaxing, for her and for her partner. It’s very important to give yourself a well-being break to get some rest.