Scheduled for the 25th of April, Kate Middleton and Prince William baby’s arrival is at the heart of the preoccupations.

All along her pregnancy, Kate Middleton inspired many moms-to-be around the word with her feminine and glamourous maternity clothes – among the ones, creations of Alexander McQueen, the creator of her wedding dress.

Kate Middleton pregnancy clothes

What about Kate Middleton maternity and nursing underwears?

It is important to know that the retailer Rigby&Peller has been providing for 50 years Buckingham Palace in lingerie (Queen Elizabeth, Princess Margaret etc.) and also celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Gwyneth Paltrow or Scarlett Johansson.

Rigby&Peller shop

This year, for the arrival of the Duchess of Cambridge baby, Rigby and Peller wanted to make us of Cache Coeur exceptional savoir-faire so to offer moms-to-be and, who knows, Kate Middleton, glamourous and high-quality maternity and nursing bras.

Gloss Cache Coeur

Already available in Rigby & Peller London shops, Gloss and Magic maternity and nursing lines are at the heart of the event!

 Magic Cache Coeur

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