Cache Coeur was built on the promise to facilitate breastfeeding for today’s modern mom. In honor of the celebration of World Breastfeeding Week in France, here are some ideas for pregnancy and breastfeeding essentials!

For Baby:

collier minty allaitement wendy


They grow up so fast! From newborn to curious infant in what seems like the blink of an eye. Before you know it your baby will be onto the dreaded teething stage too. Try a teething necklace to keep your little one’s attention during nursing sessions and to help soothe tender gums. We love the selection from brands like Minty Wendy, Chewbeads, and Itzy Ritzy!


For Mom:

1)     Washable nursing pads


Coussinets d'allaitement Curve

Regularly when we talk about breastfeeding, we also talk about milk loss. Always unpleasant and often unexpected, leaking is a nightmare for breastfeeding moms. Our advice? Try our Curve Washable Nursing Pads. They are leakproof, comfortable, and eco-friendly. 


2)      Nursing lingerie


Lingerie d'allaitement Lisa


Treat yourself to new lingerie that accommodates your pregnant body as well as your breastfeeding body! Our Cache Coeur bras are designed to take the stress out of feeding your baby with convenient magnetic or traditional nursing clips and superior fabrics and craftsmanship. We also have soft and beautiful loungewear sets that are comfortable during pregnancy and into motherhood.


4)     Cosmetics


Eve et rose


With all the changes in your body and hormones during pregnancy, what better time to upgrade your skincare and cosmetics? With so many brands to choose from, how do you know what is right for you and your baby? Luckily, there are many lines that are designed specially for your health during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Brands like Eve & Rose, Earth Mama, and Beauty Counter boast of their product safety and state that their products are free from many harmful chemicals found in other brands.