But what is a bola, you ask?

The bola is a jewel especially designed for pregnant women to wear throughout pregnancy at the level of the navel to be closer to the baby. Inside the harmony ball, a small ball dances on a xylophone to the rhythm of the mother movements. It emits a lovely and sweet tinkling perceived by the baby from the 20th week of pregnancy on average.

This pregnancy jewel is native from Indonesia and Mexico. In these countries the bola is a part of their ancestral traditions. They called the Mexican bola an "angel dialer." According to the legend, the Mexican bola makes us feel the protection, support and love of celestial energies, which protect the baby and the mother.

Apart from these traditions, the harmony ball is to wear as often as possible during pregnancy so that the baby becomes familiar to the sweet tinkling of the bola. The sound of the Mexican bola calm down and reassure the baby throughout pregnancy and also after birth because he/she recognizes it.


After birth, the mother keeps the harmony ball to be used as breastfeeding Jewel. So the baby can play with it during breastfeeding. Bola is then offered to the baby: you can hang it on the mobile bed, the stroller or insert into his/her cuddly toy. Like, the sound of the bola is familiar to the baby; it will lull and soothe him or her.

Ideal gift for yourself or to offer.

The harmony ball is a beautiful jewel, original and refined.

Our bolas:

Cache Coeur has developed a collection of bolas each more original than others, with various colors and patterns, so that every expectant mother can find the perfect bola. The bola is a real fashion accessory!


Cache Coeur’s bolas are true jewelry made from precious materials such as diamond powder, plating gold, silver, rhodium ... A sublime gift for future mothers!

We offer three types of bolas with different chain: bolas on black cord, harmony balls put on plated silvered chain or bolas on plated golden chain. These different types of chains are adjustable. Chains of bolas are in steel stainless.

For the well-being of mothers, our collection of bolas is guaranteed 100% nickel free.

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