Black Friday arrives the day after Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday is the Monday following Black Friday. This intensive purchase period is a kind of Christmas before Christmas and marks the beginning of this purchases period for Americans.

Black Friday, it's an opportunity for stores to achieve exceptional discounts on their products. These generous discounts draw crowds and americans are flocking from the opening of stores to make the best shopping day. We see human tides in front of stores and stores  are engaged in a commercial battle to offer the most generous discount!

Cyber Monday following Black Friday, but this event happens on the web. This event was born 10 years ago, created by a set of e-merchants who came together on one web page to offer their promotions together. Cyber Monday offers a chance to people who missed Black Friday, enjoy exceptional promotional offers on the internet.

And it works, the results of these shopping days are incredible. Last year, 247 million Americans spent a total of $ 59 billion, about $ 433 per person and this in one day. For Cyber Monday, last year online sales have reached $ 1.4 billion.

These days shopping begin arriving in Europe! What do you think? Would you let you try?


* offer from 01/12/14 to 07/12/14