The beginning.

70 years ago, the Bikini made its first appearance on the French beaches. It made its debut in the fashion industry on July 5, 1946, thanks to Louis Réard, its creator, a French automobile engineer.

It was worn by Micheline Bernadini, a dancing-girl at the Casino de Paris, during the “Fête de l’eau”, a beauty pageant held at the Molitor pool, in Paris. Back then, not a lot of people were interested in the bikini. It goes unnoticed, as only few people can really enjoy the seaside at this time.

 First bikini

Micheline Bernadini introduces the first bikini to the press.

The icon.

We have to wait until the 50’s, and more precisely, 1953 with Brigitte Bardot, when she poses with a floral bikini, at Carlton beach, in Cannes. The bikini is starting to be recognized and step out of the shadows, step by step. In 1959, Vogue magazine named it “outfit of the season”. More and more movie stars start to wear it, including Catherine Deneuve and Marilyn Monroe, at the beaches. This helped to develop its fame.

brigitte bardot

Despite its growing reputation, the bikini is in the heart of numerous scandals. French prefectures banned it from the beaches and its sales are forbidden in Italy, Spain and Belgium, with Church pressure.

The emancipation.

The 60’s and the French movement of May 68 allowed the bikini to get a real freedom, jointly with the explosion of a youth who establish itself. It is also at this time that this swimsuit appears in theaters, especially with a cult scene, where James Bond girl Ursula Andress emerges from the sea, in front of Sean Connery, in a white bikini, in “Dr. No”.

Everyone knows the rest. This swimsuit is a bestseller in the whole world. Known and recognized, the name Bikini is the same in all languages, the swimsuit is the symbol for cool summer, at the beach, under the sun.

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Being pregnant during the summer.

However, when you are pregnant, there are some precautions you have to take being going under the sun.  Indeed, during pregnancy, the skin is more sensitive and fragile than usual. It has to be protected to avoid getting the mask of pregnancy, dark spots on the face. Use sunscreen with high SPF and reapply several times during the day. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. Think about protecting your belly with a maternity swimwear adapted to pregnancy (UPF+ fabrics) and your face with a wide brimmed-hat!

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