Pregnant during holidays? We give you our best tips!


This year you are going to party while being pregnant? No so easy to combine pregnancy and holidays. We help you celebrate Christmas and new year eve amazingly!

Shine bright like a diamond!

Maternity bolas

First question that comes in mind when talking about holidays is: what am I going to wear? It is the perfect time to look fabulous! Especially if you will be at your in-laws, you wish to reflect perfection.

Go for little black lace dress for a glamorous look. With a boat neck and sheer sleeves. Wear it with a belt to underline your shapes. Combine with our boudoir bola and our couture maternity tights.

Bring out your eyes with a mattified complexion, on-flick eyebrows and cate-eye silver liner. The final touch? Sparkles all around the lid and up your cheeks (gently applied with your fingers).

Christmas dinner,

What to drink?

what to drink during pregancy

Treat yourself with a Mocktail using fresh fruits only. Way better than Champagne we promise you!

For three glasses:


3 tablespoons of cane sugar

3 tablespoons of flat water

1 oz of fresh cranberries

10 mint leaves

2 tablespoons of lime juice

1 cup of pomegranate juice

2 cans of Canada dry


Few candied orange slices for decoration

Rosemary leaves for decoration

  1. Put fresh cranberries in the pan and reduce with 2 tablespoons of cane sugar

  2. Let it cool down for half an hour in the fridge

  3. Mixed up one tablespoon of cane sugar, flat water, the cranberries, mint, lime juice and pomegranate juice

  4. Fill at half the glasses with the preparation

  5. Add the Canada dry

Place your decorations just like on the picture


What to eat?

What to eat during pregnancy

Each year holidays are spent with family and friends, it’s that time of the year you don’t need to count calories! Enjoy a delicious recipe for baby and you with a Japanese touch.

For 12 California rolls


Sushi rice (vinegrate): 170g

Nori sheet: 2

Cooked beetroot: 1

Carrot: 1

Cucumber: ½

Avocado: ½

Fried onions

1 bamboo sheet

  1. Take a little bit of cooked rice, place it on the nori sheet. Turn it over

  2. Place fine pieces of beetroot in the middle of the nori sheet

  3. Chop the cucumber and the carrot

  4. Place it next to the beetroot

  5. Turn the nori sheet on the rice side, place the fried onions. Roll your California with the bamboo sheet.

  6. Prepare the other California roll with the cucumber and the avocado.


Tip: Add cream cheese and sweet soy sauce to eat your California rolls!

With all our tips for perfect holidays, you will be able to have the best time!

Cache Coeur team wishes you happy holidays!