Allaitement grossesse: astuces bonne mine enceinte

Pregnant this summer? Discover ou advices to get your skin glow during the pregnancy.

Foods rich in vitamins

Are you pregnant this summer ? you can take  Vitamin C, antioxidant, and energy thanks to your food ! During the spring, and summer, eat some kiwis, clementines, grapefruits, strawberries etc. Enjoy summer pleasures ! your skin reflect your food !

Moisturize your skin, drink no less than 1 liter of water every day and apply a moisturize cream on your face and body. Apply also an anti-stretch mark oil on your baby bump, it will nourish your skin.


femme enceinte : alimentation équilibrée


A healthy skin

Apply a face scrub to clean your skin and eliminate dead skins an impurities. Apply also an eye contour because we can see the tiredness in your face. Have rest and relax moments.

You can cheat with a zero blemish tinted cream that can mask blemish and bags under your eyes. You can brighten your face with a blush. Remove your make-up every evening.


Grossesse : prenez soin de votre peau


Protect your skin to the beach

Protect your skin from the mask of pregnancy, apply a high sun protection (SPF 50+).

Do not expose your baby bum to the sun and prfer to wear a one piece maternity suimsuit.


Maillot de bain de grossesse Sixties Cache Coeur


Discover Cache Coeur advices for a sun-kissed look natural and invisible effect !

For spring and summer, with the sunny days, Cache Cœur made a maternity tights for you : It will brings you a perfect skin complexion, it hide blemishes, brighten your skin ! This maternity tights beautify your skin thanks to this natural, invisible and glamorous maternity tights !

collant de grossesse

This maternity tights is perfect for summer thanks to its sun-kissed look and its naked-feet finishing. You can wear your summer’s shoes, this tights will be invisible !

Moreover, this maternity tights has a stonger thread and a higher share of elastane and 15 Denier. It does not run and last longer.

This maternity tights is made with an ultra-flat wide belt perfectly adapts to the evolution of morphology during the pregnancy.


collant de grossesse effet BB Cream

 For spring and summer, wear our summer tights with its invisible effect !