Well known in the United States for many years, the Baby-shower is arriving in Europe. Usually held at the eighth month of pregnancy, the aim of the party is to celebrate the arrival of the baby. Thus, mom-to-be friends are come together to share a good time with refreshments and fun activities.

 The perfect Baby-shower


The themes

Often, the baby shower is prepared with a theme, which will be used as a reference for decoration, refreshments and activities organized during the evening.

Decoration theme

Here are some ideas for the themes party:
            - Colors theme
            (Pink announcing a girl, blue announcing a boy 
            or any other color of your choice, if you do not want to reveal the sex of the child)
           - Theme "childhood memories" 
            (organize the evening with games and activities your child)
           - Movies and / or music themes
           - Country Theme

Decoration ideas

The refreshments

Generally, during the Baby-shower, the table is decorated around the same theme and full of small tasty treats. Opt for macaroons, cupcakes, pop cakes and candy boxes and go for smoothies, wraps, finger-food or skewers. All the guests will be delighted!

 Bola, the perfect gift


Activities to do during the evening

You are pregnant and you want to organize a baby shower?
Cache Coeur gives you selection of games/activities to liven up your evening!

 1. Give each participant a necklace. If they get caught telling the word "baby", their necklace will be removed by the one who heard it. At the end of the evening, the winner (the one wearing the most necklaces) will be rewarded.

2. At the beginning of the evening, each participant picks a rubber strap that says "diaper" or "feeding bottle" and so on, for instance. During the baby shower, call your friends by their new name. The one who forgets has to give the bracelet to the one who has noticed the mistake. The person with the most bracelets at the end of the evening will be rewarded.

3. Each of the guests have to bring a picture of him/herself when they were baby. Put all the pictures together and try to find which friend is matching which picture .

Magic, a glamour and feminine lingerie set

4. A classic! The guests have to guess the waist size of the future mom. Each guest must cut a piece of woolen thread corresponding to what they think is the size of the mom-to-be waist. Try the woolen thread around the pregnant woman's belly. The person closest to reality wins a small gift.

5. Prepare slips of some words related to pregnancy. Someone has to draw (or mime) the word and the other guest must guess what it is !

6. Blindfold two participants to the game. Put the some objects related to a baby (feeding bottle, diapers, toys...) in two boxes. Give the name of an object. The first one finding the object win 1 point. repeat until the boxes are empty.

Bora-Bora, maternity swimsuit

What to offer for a baby-shower ?

For a baby shower, you can offer gifts for the baby (toys, stuffed toys, carpet of awakening...) but also and especially gifts for the future mom, such as
            - a  Bola, symbolizing the link between pregnant woman and her baby
            - a feminine maternity and nursing lingerie set
            - a maternity bathing suit
            - a maternity and nursing pajamas the pregnant women can wear during her relaxing moments.

 Maternity and nursing pyjamas

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