The wedding seasons have started. Are you ready to live or share one of the best days of your life?

Attending a wedding while being pregnant

Every detail count – from the lingerie to the bride or ceremony dress choice. Cache Coeur suggests you feminine and comfortable maternity and nursing lingerie line for these memorable events.

 You are : a pregnant bride

All along your pregnancy, you are more tired than usual; it is therefore important to be very organized because you’ll have a lot to think about from the choice of your shoes, dress and lingerie.


Lingerie de grossesse et d'allaitement Diamond

Ensemble Diamond

The dress choice:

When choosing your bridal dress, you have to consider your morphology and how far you are in your pregnancy. This choice also depends on the assets you wish to highlight such as your décolleté, your pregnancy silhouette etc. If you fell in love at the very first stage of your pregnancy, don’t panic! All bridal shops offer regular try on and adjustments.

The lingerie choice:

Choosing a comfortable and invisible maternity lingerie is a must-have to be at ease for the day and night. Prefer nude or red tones which are invisible under white clothing.

Cache Coeur proposes you to discover Lollypop maternity and nursing lingerie line, which is available in both nude and grenadine. Its bustier shape perfectly shapes moms-to-be breast and will match all styles of bridal dresse.

Lollypop : ensemble de lingerie d'allaitement pour femme enceinte

Lollypop Nude

Also, discover Diamond maternity and nursing line, available in nude or ivory for perfect invisibility under clothing. We love its second skin effect. Diamond will be definitely your best ally during the ceremony.

Diamond : maternity and nursing bra


The shoes choice:

We suggest you to go for a flat pair of shoes for both the ceremony and the night party!


You are : pregnant and attending someone's wedding

Willing to go to a wedding while being pregnant? As a future mom, you’ll for sure look amazing!

Cache Coeur suggests you to choose a straight dress or jumpsuit which will highlight your pregnancy curves. Aswell, the choice of a perfect lingerie is important to be at your ease all along the day. We suggest you Gloss maternity and lingerie line, available in two timeless colors (blush and slate blue). Its full cup shape ensures perfect support and comfort up to a H cup.

Gloss : lingerie de grossesse jusqu'au bonnet H

Also, succomb to Opéra maternity and lingerie line. Very romantic and glamourous, this pregnancy lingerie set will sublimate your neckline thanks its plunge shape. We also love its delicate tulle and feminine details!

Opéra maternity and nursing lingerie

Regarding the shoes choice, we advise you flat shoes to dance all night long (and to be of course at your ease!)