pregnancy announcement

The announcement of a happy event is an important and unique moment. For that, Cache Coeur proposes you the 10 original ways to announce your pregnancy.


#1 Involve Big Brother or Big Sister

You can give a placard to the future big brother or the future big sister or simply dress him concealing a nice message.

Some message ideas:

-          I'm going to be big brother (big sister), but I do not know it yet because I can’t read

-          Single child, expiration on ...

-           A to do list with the mission "to become a super big sister"

-           I was promoted to big brother


#2 The treasure hunt

treasure hunt


You can organize a small treasure hunt with a clue that leads to another and then another to finally discover the treasure that can be what you want.

Some treasure ideas:

-          Your ultrasound

-           Your pregnancy test

-           A baby's clothes


#3 The shopping list

The shopping list


You make a shopping list by adding necessary baby products and then ask your loved ones to go shopping. Surprise assured.

Some ideas :

-          Wipes

-          A body

-          Layers

-          A bottle

#4 The small newspaper ad

small newspaper ad


Your loved ones read the newspaper? Perfect! Post an ad, circle it and give them the newspaper.


#5 The accessory

The accessory 

You can also offer personalized gifts to your loved ones with little messages like "you're going to be a dad", "the family is growing" or "See you in 9 months".

Some ideas :

-          A puzzle

-          A mug that reveals the message only when it’s hot

-           A blanket, slippers or a lollipop

#6 The greediness



Your loved ones are greedy? So, let them discover your pregnancy with personalized cookies by you. You can also opt for the Chinese cake or the chocolate egg.


#7 The scratch ticket

Offer a winning scratch ticket to your loved ones. They will have to scratch a box to see what they have won. You can hide a message in this box like "you're going to be a daddy" or "the family is growing" or "1 + 1 = 3".

#8 The pea

In a gift package, you put the food that fits your baby's size with a message that says "I'm big like that".

petits pois

Sizes correspondence:

-          Week 5 à Sesame seed

-          Week 6 à grain of rice

-          Week 7 à Blueberry

-          Week 8 à bean

-          Week 9 à cherry

-          Week 10 à Grape

-          Week 11 à fig

-          Week 12 à lime



#9 The pictureThe picture

For the announcement of your pregnancy, you can also take a picture, frame it and offer it.

Photo Ideas:

-          Take a picture of yourself and in your shadow add belly

-          Align your family's shoes and add little slippers

-          Draw or write a message on your belly such as "loading" with a loading bar


#10 Involve your pet

Take a picture of your pet with a message announcing your pregnancy.

Photo Ideas:

-          A placard that says "future baby guard"

-          A picture with ultrasound

-          A picture with books about babies

We hope to have given you some good ideas for the announcement of your happy event. You can find pour maternity and breastfeeding pyjamas / swimwear/ lingerie / harmony ball and nursing pads on our sites: