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Resolutely sensual

Cache Cœur drew its inspirations from the refined and luxurious Persian fabrics to create Khali, a seductive maternity and nursing lingerie line. A delicate tulle, an elegant lace incrusted with gold thread, combined with hand-made gathers and a subtle play of colors come to perfect this sensual maternity lingerie line. Cache Cœur also extends its lingerie line Khali into a maternity and nursing homewear line. Combining the softness of bamboo viscose, the delicacy of its incrusted lace and the intensity of night blue color, Khali adorns moms-to-be with elegance.

Khali maternity and nursing lingerie line is available in two colors: night blue and honey, while its maternity and nursing homewear line is only available in night blue.

Khali line is composed of 3 pieces of lingerie, all resolutely sensual and perfect adapted to pregnancy and breastfeeding :

- A plunge nursing bra, set with wires. Its push up effect will sublimate your pregnant woman silhouette. It is also evolutive thanks to its stretch fabrics and magnetic clips on the nursing bra straps. It reveals to be the perfect breastfeeding bra for future and young moms who are looking for a both practical and sexy lingerie.

- A low-waist shorty, that is to be worn under the belly. Combining plays of transparency and incrusted lace, it will for sure highlight your pregnant woman curves.

- A post-pregnancy high-waisted brief, which will highlight your new mom’s curves thanks to its flat belly effect.

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Maternity & nursing lingerie Khali | Cache Coeur

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