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Maternity and nursing lingerie | Cache Cœur



A sportswear and feminine line

The Serena line is essential for every mum-to-be! This line is inspired by sportswear and the atheleisure trend, while also ensuring complete comfort during pregnancy and into motherhood. Delicate, Italian lace adorns each piece for an added touch of femininity.                                                                                                                    

Cache Coeur created this line to meet the needs of today's mom: comfortable, supportive lingerie in a stylish design.The Serena line has a cotton inner layer to ensure all day comfort and a microfiber outer layer for a modern look. Italian lace accents in a modern pattern were added to elevate each piece.

All three pieces of the Serena line are fit for pregnancy and also adapt to motherhood and breastfeeding. They were designed to fit comfortably through all stages. Available in four colors and various sizes, the Serena maternity and nursing lingerie is designed for every mom.                         

Serena Maternity and Nursing Bra: wireless and seamless, the Serena nursing bra is a comfortable everyday essential for pregnant and breastfeeding moms. Its Italian lace in a modern pattern adds a feminine touch.                                                                                                                  

Serena Maternity Brief: perfectly designed for pregnancy with its low cut to fit under your growing belly and later fits comfortably during motherhood. Thanks to its double layered material, mom is exceptionally comfortable with a cotton inner and exceptionally stylish with a microfiber outer layer. Italian lace adorns this maternity brief for an added touch of femininity.

Serena Maternity Shorty: wear this shorty comfortably both during and after pregnancy thanks to its low cut. The Serena maternity shorty keeps mom comfortable with the soft, cotton inner layer while staying on trend with a microfiber outer adorned with feminine Italian lace.!


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Maternity and nursing lingerie | Cache Cœur

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  1. Pack of 3 Maternity Thong DUNES

    Pack of 3 Maternity Thong DUNES

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  3. Pack of 2 Maternity Brief DUNES

    Pack of 2 Maternity Brief DUNES

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